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What is the future of Facebook Messenger ?

Future of FB Messenger


Who would have thought that messaging apps like Facebook messenger would have become so popular…?

Whatsapp – 1 billion active users

Facebook Messenger – 900 million active users

Viber – 700 million active users.

So let’s look into where is Facebook Messenger now and where is it going?

How do you access Facebook Messenger?

a) Go to and from there you can access all the functionality.

b) If you’re browsing Facebook on your desktop, you can click on the Messages icon on the top of the screen and access the functionality.

c) Separate app on mobile

Now lets see the problems and opportunities :

Problems with Messenger

The chatbots will be of varying quality so Facebook needs to put controls on these apps in a similar way to how Apple approves any new apps on their App Store.When you send an email to a brand, you don’t expect an immediate response. If you message them, you’ll want a much quicker response. This is going to be challenging for brands.

Opportunities with Messenger

There’s going to be a big opportunity for developers to build chatbots that will likely end up on an App store. This could be used as their own products or sold to brands.

Facebook Messenger is going to play an increasingly important role in how we communicate online. This platform will become as important as – or maybe even more important than – Facebook itself.

Happy reading,
Niharika Ajai
Youventus Consulting Pvt Ltd.

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