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ONE IN FOUR people on Earth use Facebook to connect with friends and family. But Zuckerberg and company really want all those people to use the social network for office chatter, too.
Facebook Workplace, a service designed specifically for business communication. It first unveiled the service—originally called Facebook for Work—eighteen months ago, testing it with many businesses. Now, Workplace is available to any organization that wants it. Facebook will charge a monthly fee to businesses who use the service—the first time it will generate revenue through fees instead of ads.

Indeed, Facebook Workplace is similar to Facebook, though it’s shaded white instead of the company’s trademark blue, and benefits from security being a top priority, according to the company.

Much like the Facebook we all know so well, Workplace offers Groups, Reactions, chat, search, trending posts, video, and live video—though each adds a Workplace twist. You can do group audio calling in chat, for instance, which should help teammates collaborate. You can also create and join multi-company groups if, say, you’re working on a project that involves your own company, plus an advertising firm handling a product release. Your CEO, meanwhile, might address the entire company on Facebook Live.

Facebook believes the service is ideal for people who don’t work at offices or at desks: retail workers, sales professionals, teachers, for instance. Such workers, Facebook says, don’t have access to traditional work tools, but still need a way of communicating with coworkers. And odds are, they’re already familiar with Facebook.