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10 Strategies to Promote video on Youtube for Small Businesses


Video is more persuasive than any other type of content as the human brain requires emotional input to make decisions. And no technology is better at conveying emotion than video.

Video caters to the brain’s visual and auditory systems, picking up on cues like body language, facial expressions, imagery and music. This elicits an emotional bond that will influence a person’s choices and actions.
In fact, studies show that over 80% of people say they are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

When it comes to marketing and promoting your small-business YouTube videos, follow these 10 basic strategies:

1. Start by using the tools available directly through YouTube. For example, provide a detailed and accurate title and description to each of your videos, and associate tags (keywords) that are directly relevant.

2. Use a call to action within your videos to encourage people to like, rate, comment ,subscribe and share your videos.

3. Begin by promoting your videos to the people you know, including your real-life friends, relatives, customers and clients. Ask these people to watch your video(s) and share them with their online friends.

4. Take advantage of the power and capabilities of the online social networking sites to promote your videos. Be sure to create an online presence for your business on Facebook and other social channels, and then use that presence to promote your videos.

5. Incorporate your videos into your own company’s website and blog.

6. Share links to your videos with your existing customers or clients via e mailers.

7. Get your videos (and your YouTube Channel page) listed with the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo! and Bing, and then focus on SEO strategies to get the best possible listing placements.

8. Start promoting your YouTube channel within your company’s printed catalogs, brochures, and sales materials, as well as within its existing traditional advertising.

9. Consider paying for advertising on Google and Facebook. Google AdWords for Video is also a very cost-effective and powerful tool for promoting YouTube videos.

10. If you have the budget, hire a YouTube video marketing company to help you plan and implement an online promotional campaign for your videos.

Happy Reading,
Niharika Ajai
Youventus Consulting Pvt Ltd.

Content Marketing to Make your Brand Trend

Content Marketing Header

Content is any brand’s most powerful weapon which can be used to fulfill marketing and branding objectives. A strategic approach towards creating and distributing content creatively can attract customers and propel them to take the desired action. While all brand managers are aware of this mantra and are working towards it, how can you differentiate your brand amongst the rest and make it trend?
Here are some interesting content marketing tips to make your brand famous and captivate your audience:

Having a fresh perspective towards generic concepts can help in delivering content that interests the user and eventually improves your organic reach and engagement.

Instead of just talking about your brand’s product and services, create useful content that interests your audience. This way, understanding your target group’s expectations and behavior can positively impact your social media content strategy.

Design your content to suit the language, environment and behaviors on different digital media platforms. Thus, understanding the potential of each platform and taking a channel-specific approach could result in reaching the right audience, the right way.

2016 seems to be year of Visual Marketing with video content and infographics having the best ROI and reception amongst the users. Visual content grabs the audiences’ attention much faster than text and generates more social engagement.

If you have great content and are trying to amplify it through impactful sources, look no further. Using influencers for your content campaigns can result in higher reach and engagement, thus giving you more mileage than your competitors.
What are the content marketing efforts that you’ve taken so far to improve your brand’s online presence?

Happy reading,
Niharkha Ajai
Youventus Consulting Pvt Ltd

From Browse To Buy: How to Make Social Media Shoppable ?


Social channels are used to connect directly with customers but off late digitally astute brands are expanding from a customer service channel into a streamlined multi-channel shopping experience. Functional storefronts inside social networks make it easy to convert browsers into buyers.

But how would one create a successful social storefront?

Let’s explore some of the best practices.

1. Use real customer photos and videos to market and sell
2. Post consistently as there is direct correlation between how often a brand posts and the rate of return visitors
3. Collect key metrics which will help you to derive business insight into the types of content that resonate best with your followers.

Happy Reading,
Niharika Ajai
Youventus Consulting Pvt Ltd.

What are Chat Bots ?

what are chat bots

What is the future of Facebook Messenger ?

Future of FB Messenger


Who would have thought that messaging apps like Facebook messenger would have become so popular…?

Whatsapp – 1 billion active users

Facebook Messenger – 900 million active users

Viber – 700 million active users.

So let’s look into where is Facebook Messenger now and where is it going?

How do you access Facebook Messenger?

a) Go to and from there you can access all the functionality.

b) If you’re browsing Facebook on your desktop, you can click on the Messages icon on the top of the screen and access the functionality.

c) Separate app on mobile

Now lets see the problems and opportunities :

Problems with Messenger

The chatbots will be of varying quality so Facebook needs to put controls on these apps in a similar way to how Apple approves any new apps on their App Store.When you send an email to a brand, you don’t expect an immediate response. If you message them, you’ll want a much quicker response. This is going to be challenging for brands.

Opportunities with Messenger

There’s going to be a big opportunity for developers to build chatbots that will likely end up on an App store. This could be used as their own products or sold to brands.

Facebook Messenger is going to play an increasingly important role in how we communicate online. This platform will become as important as – or maybe even more important than – Facebook itself.

Happy reading,
Niharika Ajai
Youventus Consulting Pvt Ltd.