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Mission from Ant

Mission from Ant’s brain

Some time’s we think we are too small to think big. Is it true?

Let’s debate…

We will start with sequence. Nothing in this world is in sequence. You may have to arrange things to make it so. If you presume ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ is in sequence, you are wrong. It has no meaning as long as it persists in that order.

Life is full of inserts. Point is what, when and where you insert. Magic lies in inserts to bring things to life and is called sequencing.

So, can we call sequencing a Jigsaw Puzzle game? Let’s presume so at this point in time. Let’s further build on Puzzle. Sequencing runs either horizontally or vertically. To sort out a Puzzle, you may have to sequence it from all directions.

So, what’s puzzle now?

Playing right players in right position in Cricket match is a puzzle played by the Captain of the team. Who are the 11 players to play the match, is a puzzle played by the Cricket Board in sports.

Similarly puzzle persists in Science, Politics, Business, Banking and so on and so forth. And so does Entrepreneurship. You don’t have to be a giant to start a business model. Understanding of Market, Ideation and Implementation is all that is needed with passion. You have an Idea; we at Youventus can connect to the world helping you reach the desired market. So don’t be afraid of being small. Ants do fight elephants in this world.

Yes, you heard it right. To perform and race against corporate giants in today’s world, you may have to be as smart as an Ant.

Mission from An123t

Happy reading,
S Babu Janardhanan
Youventus Consulting Pvt Ltd